December 13, 2016 - Nick

Display Delivery Group Membership across your entire XenDesktop infrastructure

Wanted to share this one out, because I couldn’t find anything out there that would cleanly get this information for me so we went to the drawing board.

This powershell script will display Delivery Group Name, User AD Account name and then User’s Full name like this:

group user fullname
Test_Delivery_Name NFI\NickyFixIt Fuchs, Nick

 $out = @()

foreach ($g in (Get-BrokerAccessPolicyRule -DesktopGroupName * )) {
foreach ($u in $g.IncludedUsers) {
$d = “” | select group,user,fullname,via
$ = $g.DesktopGroupName
$d.user = $u.Name
$d.fullname = $u.FullName
$d.via = $g.AllowedConnections

$out += $d

$out | export-csv -notype “C:\temp\nickyfixit.csv”


Thanks Josh @ LockStepGroup

Powershell / XenDesktop

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