December 13, 2016 - Nick

Exciting Atlantis USX and Citrix XenDesktop Integration

I wanted to write a quick post about an exciting new integration that Atlantis USX is bringing to their new USX release, version 3.5.1. They have partnered with Citrix for this implementation to bring the USX performance metrics into a single pain of glass that is Citrix Director. Personally, this is going to make my life as well as some of my other desktop administrators A LOT easier to be able to see everything in one single administration panel. As it is right now, monitoring VDI includes Citrix Director, USX Manager, PRTG and a VEEAM dashboard. Unifying this will definitely help my team on operational processes. Now, let’s hope that some of the other vendors can follow suit :P

Here is a shot of what the integration looks like (taken from one of the USX roadmap presentations):atlantis_citrix_integration

Interested in an under-the-hood view of how the integration between Citrix Director and Atlantis USX actually works? You’re in luck, because Atlantis published the below diagram to describe exactly that:



Additionally, if you’re interested in setting this up and configuring in your envrionment, look at the attached well-put together Citrix Director on Atlantis USX Configuration guide by Atlantis here:

A lot of new exciting features coming in Atlantis USX, including SMB and VM-level replication! It’s also great to see Atlantis become so closely integrated with Citrix, which I don’t believe any other VDI storage vendor has done yet. This is a big step for them!

If anyone is interested in the other features, here is the press release regarding 3.5.1 here:

Atlantis USX / XenDesktop

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