About Me

I’ll update this page with more information later. For now, I’m just a guy who’s passionate about enterprise IT and technology in general. I currently work for a global financial firm based out of NY. I’ve been involved in IT practically my whole life, but professionally I’ve been in the IT field for just about 10 years now in a variety of roles; web programmer, biomedical IT, helpdesk, trading floor support, etc, and now Windows engineer (or something like that). Some of the topics you can expect to hear and read about in the recent future are XenDesktop, VMware, VDI, Atlantis ILIO, Storefront, Windows 7, group policy, etc.

The blog title
Regarding the blog title, I wanted to point out, before everyone gets the wrong idea that I’m this arrogant IT guy self-proclaimed with the name ‘nickyfixit’.. it’s not what it looks like. ‘Nickyfixit’ was a name that was once yelled across the trading floor by my colleagues who needed help. Since then, I always thought it would make an interesting name for an IT blog. Here’s to finally turning the thought into reality.

Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned!


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