Donate to an Animal Rescue

Animal rescue is something that’s very close to my heart. If you’ve found any of my posts to be helpful and you’re feeling generous – why don’t you help out on of the animal rescues below? They struggle financially every day to do one of the most unselfish things a human can do – care and protect something that can give them no personal gain in return.

FOGAS: “Over 1,750 homeless and abandoned animals each year end up in our small county animal shelter. Our county government shelter IS NOT an animal rescue or humane society. As a government operation it has to respond to the needs of its citizens and pick up the strays, abandoned or lost pets that roam the county. With the limited space to house them, most are euthanized to make room for those that are picked up or surrendered by their owners. You can help us with your donations to vet some of these pets for transport out of state to new, loving and forever homes.”

Donate here:!donate/ctzx
or here: Eleventh Hour Rescue:


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